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  1. Full one year warranty provided by Economy on all garage door purchases (**see fine print below)
  2. First annual maintenance FOR FREE!!
  3. Expert installation at NO EXTRA COST
  4. Custom garage door painting FOR FREE (**see fine print below)

**FINE PRINT (LARGE enough for you to be able to read)

(WARRANTY is for manufacturers defect or adjustments only. If you damage door, no warranty applies. Manufacturer warranties are separate)

(FREE PAINT JOB: You provide the paint-labor is free---one paint job only per door)

Everything you ever wanted to know about replacement garage doors

New garage doors are something that many find confusing. How many garage doors does one buy in a life time?

Really really cheaply priced doors may sound great but may not be a very good value for your needs

Garage doors come in different grades and the grade impacts the price of the door.

Grading reflects the durability and that relates to how often you open/close a door in a day or week, and how long you want a door to last. More durable doors cost a bit more but are better built and will last longer. Less durable doors cost less but are more flimsy and won't hold up under prolonged normal use.

Durability is impacted by many factors such as materials used, thickness of panels, bonding and construction methods and durability of springs, bearings, etc

Additional features

Additional features also impact pricing. Doors can have extra features such as thicker insulation, double steel panels, heavier duty materials, as well as special trim and paint packages thus impacting prices as well.

Despite claims by less scrutable companies to the contrary, complexities of installation can also impact pricing. When providing phone pricing, companies either build in an extra profit for such complexities, or they reserve the right to change pricing at the time of installation. Often they simply downgrade the door to match the price quoted. Thus they are happy to quote prices over the phone.

Know what you are getting

There are times when a cheaper door might be best, and other times not, but know what you are getting.

For these reasons, it is better for you to have someone view your garage and provide a firm price IN WRITING, in advance.

William feels so strongly about the need to correctly grade your door that he will inspect your garage FOR FREE and provide you with options and explanations. Then William can assist you in deciding and can provide you with whatever options you decide are best.

He is willing to do this for person...FOR FREE.

Simply call William today at: 520-907-2622